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In Today's ever-changing business world many organisation's just don't realistically have the budget, industry expertise or operational budget to fund and effectively maintain their own internal IT Department, Engineers and Solutions Architects however to build or maintain a competitive edge you still require a certain amount of investment in technology.

"NetProUK and its Sister Company PMProUK are committed to delivering effective IT Consultancy, Project Management and solutions strategy with true return on investment to their entire client portfolio in a controlled professional capacity at all times." - Jason Normanton MD Netprouk Limited

In today's business world with the ever increasing reliance and investment required in technology to provide customer management, collaboration services between both employees, organisation's and partners and with the merging of direct communication in the form of Voice, combined fax and Email services a stable business platform can be key to not only improving the profitability of an organisation but keeping that organisation in business. We believe that not only can a partnership with NetProUK help to keep your business running but by using our expertise we can assist you in a trouble free rapid deployment of key technologies such as:

  • Business to Business portals
  • Payments Processing
  • Online Commerce Solutions
  • Automated Ordering Systems
  • Stock Control and Electronic Inventory
  • ERP Solutions
  • logistics processing
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions.

The choice of the correct solution partner is more critical than ever before. Netprouk are that choice and with over 10 years of experience of selecting and deploying the right solutions we let our success do the talking.

A Stable business platform based on Microsoft Technologies especially Windows 2003 Active Directory must be adequately planned, designed and implemented to achieve the best return on investment for the business. NetProUK have experienced world class certified consultants who design real world solutions based on Microsoft's latest design best practices. We bring to the table a wealth of experience designing Active Directory infrastructures providing solid foundations on which to leverage collaborative solutions such as Exchange, Microsoft Live Communication server and Microsoft Sharepoint technologies.

At every step of the engagement our partnership approach takes into account all of your business drivers and requirements leaving you to get on with the really important aspects of your business.

Whether it be Green-Field deployments or Infrastructure upgrades you can rest assured that through a partnership with Netprouk Limited you can achieve business transformation on time, efficiently and within agreed budgets.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions that are not just technology focused but capable of providing you with the tools to move your organisation to the next level. Our extensive experience has been gained working on environments ranging from single server deployments to large Data centre Clustered high availability implementations for Multi National Corporations.

Whatever your requirements NetProUK and PMProUK are here to help and assist you at every stage whether its a feasibility study, planning a new project, maintaining or upgrading existing systems or just Project Managing an internal or third party suppliers delivery, NetProUk can help You and Your Business attain its full potential through efficient IT resource management and business benefit delivery.


Do You have Access to the Technical Expertise your Business Needs ?

Are You Meeting the challenges of the Internet Economy ?

IIS5.0, IIS6.0, Distributed Systems, Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Business intelligence, ERP, Vista, .Net, Blackberry, Bluetooth, Citrix, Thin Client, Clustering, WIFI, Mission Critical are these just words or technologies that your competitors use to their advantage?

In the current economy, the Internet offers your business the opportunity to transform the way you interact with customers, your staff and your entire supply chain. So choosing an IT partner that can help you meet this relatively new challenge is vital.


NetProUk working seamlessly with our project management specialist sister company PMProUK offers integrated solutions for modern business challenges. We can confidently say from past and current referrals "we have the tools, skills and technical expertise to manage the availability and quality of service of your networking environment and business platforms." From a secure and reliable network infrastructure to the vital applications you need to manage and maintain your operations and conduct your business over the Internet, we have the resources to support you every step of the way.

By working closely in partnership with you, we will create a business solutions that offer the bandwidth, security, reliability and faultless performance you need Today as well as the scalability required to expand and adapt in line with your evolving business needs for Tomorrow.

In this way, the solutions we deliver will help you achieve the maximum return on your investment in IT , now and in the years to come.


  • Planning, Design, Installation and Disaster Recovery services
  • Project Management, Supplier Co-Ordination and Control
  • Server Implementation and full lifecycle management
  • Desktop Deployment and Management for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Exchange Routing and Administration group design
  • Collaborative solution deployment
  • Industry Standard Best Practice Compliant Solutions providing a solid platform for future applications
  • Network strategy and design
  • Complete LAN/WAN services
  • Network optimization
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
  • State-of-the-art Network security Systems
  • Existing Network Security & Vulnerability Analysis